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been away for a long, long time. so many things have happened which i believe has shape and colour me for the better. i am mostly contented these days.. =) will come back for more updates as god knows just how much i do love writing.


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i dont wanna go home.
am just not ready.
not yet.

What IF...

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... am making a mistake?
and that everybody else is right, all along?
and that ive been blinded by silly wants..
obscuring the sensible rationality..

... i backtrack?
or try to retrace my steps back..
but its all too late now?

unfaded. you.

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1. yesterday, i made myself a bowl of chicken porridge. the last time i had porridge was a few months ago, with you feeding me spoonfuls of them. you were like a little boy, proud of your creation as you presented to me your first homemade dish. do you know that yesterday, as i stirred my own porridge on the stove, i thought of you?

2. glorious boxing day sales - throngs of shoppers at the mall, each clutching multitudes shopping bags. i have always love malls - but do you know that, watching liverpool merchandise already enough to send me reeling to go home?

3. went through my stash of items in the drawers - boxes opened, jewelleries picked, watches arranged - do you know that amidst all these items, they held amazing memories of you?

4. do you know that, when the lights were off, i still remember you? and that, i really am missing you? and yet, i have to fight off these feelings, shutting out these thoughts and really convince myself that you no longer affect me at all.

it's okay.

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'Oh wow. how could you survive six years in medical school not knowing the existence of N****' she exclaimed, bewildered as i tightly grasped the box in my hand. i studied the box carefully - they weren't prescription meds but still came on a tiny box labelled with the standard warnings that all medications came with. i inspected the round magical pills in awe - for these were the quick fix, the solutins to my years- long battle.. if i had known these earlier... i would not have days waking up with throbbing headache as my brain screaming to be fed with caffeine.

few more days preservering - then i will get my hands on you.
now, il just have to make do with a strong brew of black coffee.

glass ball.

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it is damn easy to feel demotivated. the past few months, a lot of things had happened - even though admittedly most of the stuffs happening, i didnt truly understand of the whys and the 'how could' they had happened. but i supposed as much as things happening for a reason, i might have, in some ways be a driver in making these things happening too. Huh.

things have changed.
and maybe, so am i.

today, i walked back from my class feeling dejected.
and i let my dam broke.


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am back. back at my second home. life is really full of surprises - unfortunately, not all are welcoming ones. the best mantra for today onwards is: to hang on tight.